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April showers came with a vengeance and have us ready for the May flower nursery runs. May is a very busy month and we’ll have to work in the plantings between Mother’s Day, the weddings and graduation road trips. This past weekend had us heading down the highway for an early afternoon wedding and unfortunately, traffic was backed up due to something spilled on the road and some vehicles ending up with flat tires. This got us thinking about spare tires and what condition will theirs be in when they pull em out. 

Take the time at home to uncover your spare tire and using a tire gauge check it’s pressure and inspect the rubber for dry rot, making sure the tire is ready to roll in an emergency. Some new cars don’t come with a spare and knowing if your vehicle is one of them ahead of needing it, helps you decide how you’re going to handle a flat tire emergency. This is where the cost of an AAA roadside membership pays off in one service call. Some owners have asked us to help them purchase the proper wheel and tire to stow away.

Better yet, schedule your semi-annual car physical with us and add the spare tire inspection to the list. Just tell us you want to schedule our “Pre-Road Trip Inspection” that covers air conditioning, fuel system and 40 points under the hood and under the car. 

Memorial weekend is the last weekend of May and the official kick off of Summer, so schedule your Missouri Safety and Emission test for license plate renewals early.

One last bit of news, for those that use TEXTING, our main business line can send and receive simple text messages, but safety first. Pull over and park to text.

May all Mother’s be remembered with those that have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.

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