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Hwy 80 Cheyenne to Laramie WY
Wyoming Snow Plow

June is the month of anticipating a road trip or heading out on one. We just wrapped up an eight-hour drive for a college graduation weekend followed by a Wyoming road trip with total mileage over 3, 500. For all the vehicle summer heat planning we did, we ended up driving through the last mountain spring snowstorm which turned into a whopper of a white out. A true test of readiness for tires, windshield wipers and washer fluid, batteries and thermostats. And yes, we had taken out the snow scraper. You just never really know what lies down the road ahead. 

Whatever direction your plans take you and your loved ones, get your vehicle in for a service review about three to two weeks prior to departure date. This allows us here at Advanced Auto Service time to get necessary parts and repairs completed. Remembering a vehicle is made up of many moving mechanical parts and as much as we strive to get it right the first time, it gives you time to drive around town on those newly serviced components and come back to the shop if need be. 

Call or text to schedule your car’s Pre Road trip physical today.

Happy Trails and if you have any special road trip stories, post it to our website Testimonial page. 

We hope you enjoyed our U AUTO Know Car Care Tip for June.




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