U AUTO Know Car Care Tips

October is Fall National Car Care month helping the motoring public to focus on getting their vehicles ready for the next severe season of driving, that being Winter. A true test of readiness for tires, brakes, windshield wipers, and washer fluid, batteries and thermostats are the fluctuations of temperature from warm sixties to overnight dips into the twenties. During the Fall season is when we get calls about tire pressure dash indicators coming on. With the colder weather coming on, the air in your tires contracts, so you need to be checking and airing your tires’ pressure. Don’t forget to inspect your spare tire also. We certainly can help you with air pressure and tire evaluations. 

Now is the time to clean up your trunk space and take stock of winter supplies that may need to be added; ie, a snow scraper, blank, hat, gloves, small shovel, flashlight with fresh batteries, snacks, and water. You just never really know what lies down the road ahead. 

Take the fall season to focus on getting your car maintenance needs identified and completed will give you peace of mind when it’s time to drive to friends and families Thanksgiving feast that you certainly don’t want to be late then the dinner bell rings.

Whatever direction your plans take you and your loved ones, get your vehicle in for a service review about three to two weeks prior to your road trip departure date. This allows us here at Advanced Auto Service time to get necessary car parts and repairs completed. Remembering a vehicle is made up of many moving mechanical parts and as much as we strive to get it right the first time, it gives you time to drive around town on those newly serviced components ie, belts and hoses, coolant (antifreeze), brakes, exhaust systems, and come back to the shop if need be. 

Call or text to schedule your car’s Pre Road trip physical today or any known repair service you want to complete for safe, reliable transportation.

Happy Trails and if you have any special road trip stories, post it to our website Testimonial page. 

We hope you enjoyed our U AUTO Know Car Care Tip for October and November.


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